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Are you looking for a place to get constructive criticism on your work?

Are you looking for a place to have serious discussions about certain characters, pairings and/or events that have happened or might happen in your favorite fandoms?

Fiction Haven is the place for you. We are all about helping each other out. This isn't a place for flaming and bashing. It's all about getting the advice or help you need to improve. Let's face it we all need feedback now and again. Fiction Haven is the place to get that feedback.

1. If you are looking for a beta reader or proofreader for a story you are working on. Go here. There you will find a listing of volunteers who have kindly offered their services to help out fellow writers. Free free to post your story to the general community if you are just looking for general advice.

2. You are free to advertise or pimp your stories here just make sure to use the lj-cut. All ratings and all pairings are welcomed here. Just make sure all stories have the proper ratings and warnings. If a story contains a spoiler or possibly offensive material please be courteous and warn everyone in the summary or author's notes.

By the same token feel free to rec good stories you read to members of the community. We are always on the look out for goodfic. So sharing goodfic is most welcomed.

3. Everyone is welcomed to make post about plotbunnies and to have discussions on various fandom related topics. If you have a story idea and want help flushing it out by all means share with us. However, we don't want to hear about your crappy day at school or work. We don't care what you had for breakfast and what not. If you post rubbish it will be deleted and you can and will be banned.

4. No flaming, no character bashing, no pairing bashing. We are here to be open-minded not cut someone down because they have different views. Let's try to be respectful and courteous please.

5. Challenges will be posted monthly all fandoms and originals are welcomed. Only one entry per person is allowed. No Real Person Based Fiction is allowed sorry. The winners will be chosen by the members of the community via poll. All rules for each challenge will be posted with the challenge as well as possible prizes.

If you have any questions feel free to ask your mods ariyanaforever and aiffe.

When you are submitting a piece of your own writing for feedback, a challenge or advertisement please use the following mandatory header. Go here for more information on the header policy.

The Sample Header

Fandom: Original fiction is also welcomed.
Rating: All ratings are allowed All Ages to Mature Audiences
Pairing(s): Remember all pairings are allowed and we do mean all. Slash, Femme-slash, Yaoi, Yuri, Hetero, Incestual and so on.
Warning(s): E.G. Spoilers, profanity, sexual content, violence, incest, and so on. If you think it is a touchy subject please list it.
Word Count:Only do word count if you are submitting a Drabble or One-shot.
Disclaimer/claimer Please do not put disclaimers and claimers in all bold print and/or enlarge the font. Please keep it simple and to the point with no threats attached. Thank you for your cooperation.
Type of Feedback: E.G. proofreading, beta-reading, con-crit, general opinions...That way we have some idea of what type of help and feedback you are looking to get.
Summary: You can either post the story directly into your entry under a lj-cut or you can just link to the story wherever you have it posted.

You can copy/paste the header from the text box below.

For anyone who is uncertain of how to use a lj-cut go here for an explanation.

Reccing Fics Sample Form

If you would like to recommend a story written by someone else please use the following form instead.

Fandom: Original fiction is also welcomed.
Rating: All ratings are allowed All Ages to Mature Audiences

Then just link us to the site that has the story. You can also place the link in the Title if you are familiar with basic html code.

12_fics: Sister community that focuses on theme challenges inspired by the 30 kisses challenge community. A low volume, low pressure writing and art challenge.

imagine_ink: A writing community set up in the form of workshop challenges and is designed to broaden your horizons as a writer.

the_bwg: A low-pressured challenged-based community that encourages original writing and creative/constructrive criticism in a family-type atmosphere.

mukashi2: Once Upon a Time welcomes any stories, poetry or art based on any fairy tale, folklore, fable, myth or legend of any culture around the world. Both original and fan works (new and old) are welcome.

5_nevers: A challenge community in which the aim is to write one story featuring five situations that never happened to a character or pairing of your choice.

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